Christopher Linman was born in Alexandria, Virginia. His parents soon seperated and he and his mother moved to Munich, Germany. Christopher lived in Germany for a few years before they made the move to London, England.

Christopher Linman grew up with music as a big part of his life. He started playing music at the age of six. He played both the violin and piano growing up but soon put down the violin to concentrate on the piano.

In London, Christopher took private piano lessons and had his exams at The London Royal School of Music. He studied the greats such as Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. His mother was the driving force behind his playing and teachings.

Christopher moved back to the united states at the age of fourteen to live with his father who also had a musical background. Christopher was never without access to a piano. This helped him tremendously in his advancements.

His interests in music changed to other styles of music including Jazz to Blues. He became self taught in all styles of music and was determined to further his talent beyond just classical music. During these years in when Christopher started to compose his own music.

Christopher Linman got his first job playing the piano at Nordtrom’s in Tyson’s Corner, VA at the age of twenty-one. This exposure to the public got him noticed quickly and many other music opportunities presented themselves. He soon started playing piano at the Ritz Carlton hotels in the area as well as many of the top hotels in the Washington DC area. He was now a full time musician.

After making a name for himself as a solo pianist in the area, it was now time for the next step in his career. Christopher knew he had to keep pushing himself to get ahead and would also need help. This is when he met Gianfranco Fiorio of Arlington, VA. After a couple meetings, Mr. Fiorio offered to manage Christopher and help him further his career. Within a year, Christopher had his debut concert at ‘The Kennedy Center’ in Washington DC to a sold out audience.

Since the year 2000, Christopher Linman has had four sold out concerts at The Kennedy Center, five sold out shows at the famous Blues Alley in Washington DC, been featured on numerous tv news programs, written about in several newspapers including The Washington Post, performed at numerous international embassies, countless corporate and private events.

Christopher released his debut album Baby Its You in 2007. This album got him recognized in the music industry as not just a pianist anymore but now a singer, composer, arranger and entertainer.

Christopher Linman has been the music director for the Ritz Carlton hotels since 2004. He currently runs the music program at the Tyson’s Corner, VA location. As well as running the very successful music program, he performs weekly there with his own jazz ensemble. His singing and piano playing alongside some of the top musicians in the Washington DC area have made this location a ‘hot spot’ to go for great music.

You must see Christopher perform live to appreciate the talent behind it all. His love for the music is apparent and his connection with the audience is obvious. He puts all of himself into every performance. The audience is growing and he has truly made a name for himself in the Washington DC area.

2013 will be when Christopher releases his new CD O’ Heaven. He has been working on it for the past year and he hopes you enjoy listening to it as much as he did recording it!
Stay tuned folks! Let’s see what happens next in his career………